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A metalcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are influenced by bands ranging from Darkest Hour to Darkane to Opeth. They released a demo, the Asphyxiation Process(full-length cd), and Lenore (ep). Nehemiah announced their breakup in 2005 at a show in Minneapolis with Amora Savant, With Dead Hands Rising and Misery Signals. They played their final show in the fall of 2005 at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis with DTYK, Too Pure To Die and With Dead Hands Rising. After the break up three members from Nehemiah (including the vocalist) formed the metal band Everest. The band went through many line-up changes throughout the years of their existence and former members went on to play in bands such as Coma Eternal and more recently Dead to Fall. Nehemiah has a few un-released recorded songs that are rumored to come out sometime in the future on a split EP with Wings of Scarlet. A few of the younger brothers of members of Nehemiah are in the post-hardcore/emo band Four Letter Lie now signed on Victory Records.
Along with EndThisDay and 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Nehemiah was one of the most influential metalcore bands to come from the Midwest.
by mattface killah June 08, 2006
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