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one is a lazy hortense when he or she is lazy. used in the same way as the phrase "negative nancy".
That chick is a lazy hortense, all she does is sit on her couch all day and eat fried chicken and waffles.
by matt1000 March 14, 2010
to continue to talk even when asked to be quiet; can also be used to describe someone who will not stop talking
That girl is such a gerbnard, she just won't shut up.
by matt1000 March 11, 2010
something that is disappointing, or a negative situation. can also be used to describe a person who is melancholy or depressed.
Oh no, why is he being such a poopbooze.;
This day has definitely been a big poopbooze.
by matt1000 March 09, 2010
when someone is being an extreme bitch
Dude, that chick is such a bitchcopter.
by matt1000 March 11, 2010
a moose with goose-like qualities
That moose is more can run like a goose, it's a snogule.
by matt1000 March 10, 2010
one is a Swagga'-Sniffa' when he/she is not of African descent and acts as if he or she is African or black.
OMG! You're such a Swagga'-Sniffa'!
Dude, don't be all Swagga'-Sniffa' up in here.
by matt1000 March 10, 2010
any kind of dipping sauce or dressing made with peppers and alcohol, usu. bourbon or rum.
Do you have any boozbooz, I want something spicy in which to dip my chicken nuggets.
by matt1000 March 10, 2010

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