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3 definitions by matt ward

An employee at a fast food shithole known as mcdonalds. Desparate as hell person. Low pay, low benefeits, shitty hours. As bad as this guy Brian Debartolo or Mike Hunsicker
Man, i hate working at Mcdonalds. (i really Do)
by Matt Ward February 19, 2004
A fun filled Trip in which theres a pool, free food, a bar, and a fuck load of old people. I mean too many.
Yo, i was on the cruisline the otherday, i did it with 80% of the women, hell they were all over 80.
by matt ward February 17, 2004
Wow, the worst car ever made in the world. The biggest rice mobile ever made. Mostly drivin by beaner racers but most often poor white kids and ricers. I mean shit, why put 5,000 into a 4 banger of a civic too make it sound better and squeel the tires for .2 seconds, when u can add 5,000 to a grand am Gt for example and beast that beast up. Civics are gay shit. Thats all.
Man the other day i souped up my civic, Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I put a plastic bag over his head and beat him with a metal pole.
by Matt Ward February 18, 2004