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noun. Pejorative title for a right-wing, obsessively religious Christian. Usually such a person will be self descibed as "born-again" by thier Christian faith. Often, but not exclusively, associated with the Southern Baptist denomination. See Also Jesus Freak.
Jerry Falwell is the biggest psychochristian out there.
by matt sigl June 07, 2006
noun. A slang term for a person whose personality has schizophrenic features. Can be used as an abbreviated, but still unoffical, term for a true schizophrenic but more often is used pejoritavely about a person who displays erratic behavior. See also nut case

adj. Displaying schizophrenic or mentally deranged behavior. See also coo coo for cocoa puffs
n. Courtney Love can be a total schitzo some times.
adj. Tom Cruise went totally schizo on Oprah.
by matt sigl June 07, 2006

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