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An exclamation used to imply distress at somebody's taking of a personal belonging.
"Dude, that guy just ran off with your wallet!"

"Noooo they be stealin' my bucket!!!!!"
by Matt Munin April 24, 2007
What to do when programming in Java and you absolutely cannot figure out how to do your task.
When in doubt, extend BankAccount.
by matt munin September 05, 2007
Another way of saying it's on.

A jousting match on bikes in a hallway using pillows for pads.

A method of deciding who gets that last piece of pizza.
Dude, that guy just insulted you mom!
Hall joust...

Lets hall joust to get some extra energy out.

Who gets the last piece?
We hall joust for it.
by Matt Munin May 03, 2007

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