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another gang slang from one crip to another meanin a fellow crip
1. was good loccsta
2. hay loccsta
by matt manor May 05, 2007
FPG stands for (fairmount park gangstas) a gang that resides in everett, washington FPG is one gang that thinks bloods & crips should untie FPG has two sets one is FPG crips and the other is FPG bloods all protecting one hood/set
1.i rep FPG
2.its all about the fairmount park gangstas
by matt manor May 05, 2007
urban slang for everett, washingotn a place thats starting to become more like cali. with each killing
1.yo my E-town niggas
2.i rep the E-town
3.i where the E-town crown
by matt manor May 05, 2007
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