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phrase use when the cons are far outweighing the pros in the current situation. generally said without much excitement backing it, as life is NOT going well. doubles as an exclamation as well as a plural noun (to have 'problems galore')
"oh crap, we just popped a tire, pull over!"
in the course of pulling over, another tire is popped, and the big gulp soda tips over, spilling in the drivers lap -
"problems galore dude - problems galore"
by matt gauck January 18, 2007
pronounced "dee-ing my eff", as one would pronounce the letters "d" and "f". used to shorten the phrase "dicking my f-ck", which means to screw someone over.
scene is as such: you're trying to turn left in the left-turn only lane, and the guy in front of you is trying to get over to keep going straight, but traffic won't allow him in, so you're stuck behind him with no way of doing anything because the idiot isn't moving at all.
"ahhhh quit d-in' my f!"
alternately, try "don't d my f, south carolina!" (reffering to license plate)
by matt gauck January 18, 2007

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