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A sandwich made by an extremely lazy person. This sandwich only consists of one to two slices of bread that are not toasted.
Star Jones wouldn't have choked if it were a nigger sandwich rather than a ham sandwich.
by mathwizard517 May 03, 2007
short for "Shit No Tits" movie. It is a movie whose title/plotline/movie cover suggests some sort of sexuality which provokes horny teenage males to watch the movie in hopes of seeing some fucking titties. Sadly for these aforementioned males, they are let down when they find that there are indeed no titties in the film that they watched.
National Lampoon's Adam and Eve is a classic SNT movie, for it totally wasted its own R rating. Come on, the director wasn't placing the camera in the right place, and Cameron Douglas was getting all the fucking titty action, lucky bitch.
by mathwizard517 June 20, 2007
a definition of a word that contains absolutely no humor. Upon reading the definition, the reader does not laugh, giggle, smile, grin, or even smirk, for the definition lacks anything that could be found to be even slightly funny to a stoned person. These definitions are found rampantly through the urban dictionary, but who gives a shit.
The above definition is a nonhumorous definition because it is more a rant that was given in a rather serious tone, although the speaker is one who occasionally drops subtle sarcastic remarks.
by mathwizard517 June 23, 2007

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