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Jordan is basically the epitome of an amazing girl. She's hot & she knows it. She has wild rockstar hair, big blue eyes, and a great smile. She's wild and dangerous and she'll do any dare you give her, just to get a reaction out of others. She's smart, quick-witted, and hilariously funny. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and if anyone messes with her, she'll never let them hear the end of it. She has a small waist but a cute booty and big boobs, and she loves to show them off. She's a party girl and she can definitely get naughty, but deep down she knows right from wrong. She's much smarter than she let's on & she's probably smarter than most of the guys she messes around with. Some people thinks she's a bitch, and some people think she's full of herself, but they're just jealous. Everyone knows this girl. She can make a few mean jokes & might shock and surprise everyone from time to time, but Jordan is definitely someone you want in your life. She's a blast to be around and when she cares for you, she's a sweetheart. Jordan is the girl to chill with, a great friend, an unforgettable hook up, and if you make it this far... an amazing girlfriend.
"Damn that chick is wild, she must be a Jordan'
"She's so hot... gotta be a Jordan"
"Look at that hair, she's a jordan"
"Dude my girl is so boring, I wish I had a Jordan"
"She's such a bitch." -Mary
"Don't hate her cause she's beautiful, she's a Jordan" -Rachel
"Pretty face, nice body, good personality... she's a Jordan'
by masterk1234 February 20, 2011

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