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The biggest procrastinator in the world!!!!!!!!
by Master P May 13, 2003
the act of hollering with the mental support of fellow friends and humans behind you.
stupid hoochie:
yo girl dis is a gucci purse! you want for your friendzzz too?
brilliant math scholar:
by master p March 03, 2005
the art of getting ass; the art of having many sexual expiriences.
yo babii! don't hate on me cause i was gettin' my assimilation on!
by master p March 03, 2005
A real, true fan of the Oakland Raiders.

Let's separate the real fans from the high crackheads who show up and get in fights. The first have to be the best fans any sports team could ask for. They dress up, and yell, and love the Raiders to give them support. They treat the Raiders as more than a sports team, more like a way of life. then there are the drunk assholes, who are often categorized with the diehard fans, but rather they do not care whether the Raiders win or lose, just how drunk they can get and how many fights they can get into. Those two groups of fans being clumped into one is a terrible thing.

I am a true Raider fan, not one of those drunk assholes who show up just to get into fights.
by Master P July 02, 2003
Jealous assholes who wish their fan base was as core and faithful.
by Master P July 02, 2003
an expression of exasperation or excitement.
What the crump? or thats crumpin awesome. and as mrs. lowery put it, its crumpin' hot in here.
by Master P July 31, 2003
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