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1. Noun referring to an artist within the genre of heavy metal, who is considered a central an important figure.

2. Noun referring to Rob Halford of Judas Priest, alluding to their famous song "Metal Gods".

3. "Metal God Apparel" is name of an clothing line owned by Rob Halford
Metal god Ronnie James Dio dead.

Metal God Rob Halford shrieked, wailed and rocked a full set of heavy rock at the Ogden Theatre on Wednesday.

How did Metal God Apparel come into being?
by Master of Evöl March 06, 2011
Noun referring to a user with editing rights on the messageboards and artist-and-release entries on the Metal Music Archives and ProgArchives pages.

'Collab' is an abbreviated form of 'collaborator'.
Welcome to the collab ranks.
by Master of Evöl March 05, 2011
Noun describing a mindset among certain heavy metal fans who are preoccupied with distinguishing between "true metal" and "false metal". Typically, heavy metal purists dislike false metal, which often is taken to include glam metal, nu metal, alternative metal and metalcore.

Heavy metal purism tends to be more prevalent among younger metalheads, especially black metal fans. Practitioners of heavy metal purism are sometimes referred to as heavy metal purists.

Also often referred to as "metal purism" or "metal-purism"
“I thought it was really cool,” says Henke remembering when Bring Me The Horizon talked wanting these futuristic sounds. “They’re so creative and had so many ideas about what they wanted.
“Sometimes we didn’t know quite what they had in mind,” adds Fredrik. “But in the end it all made sense.
Did it go against any ‘heavy metal purism’ you might have had?
“Haha, no,” he laughs. “Good stuff is good stuff, and bad stuff is bad stuff. They do it right. I think many bands will follow them.”
by Master of Evöl March 05, 2011
1. Verb referring to the act of making something have a rural appearance.

2. Verb referring to the act of adding country information to an artist entry in a music database. Used in this sense in the messageboards of the Metal Music Archives database.
Where on Long Island can I find a countrified home, wrap-around porch, not far from the beach?

We Still have to countrify all those entries
by Master of Evöl March 06, 2011
Noun referring to a person who holds a title, just for the sake of the prestige that comes with the title, without actually fulfilling the responsibilities that also come with the title.
He's a real title whore.
by Master of Evöl March 05, 2011
1. Noun referring to a heavy metal fan who subscribes to the ideology of heavy metal purism.

2. Noun referring to a heavy metal musician who does not incorporate elements from outside of the heave metal genre into his or her music.

Also referred to as 'metal purist' or 'metal-purist'.
When the name of Kuopio's choirmaster was revealed in autumn, heavy metal purists got upset.

Following the breakup of the Runaways and the huge success of Joan Jett's first two albums, Lita Ford emerged as a solo artist and a true heavy metal purist.
by Master of Evöl March 05, 2011
Noun referring to a ficticious musical genre, coined by Carcass' Jeff Walker in an interview to illustrate the overuse of the -core suffix.

He coined the word grandadcore in the same interview.
Wasn't it Jeff Walker who anticipated the rise of mommycore and grandadcore?
by Master of Evöl March 06, 2011

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