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(noun; adj)Girls in your neighborhood that have more money than you and think they're better than everybody else. They are almost always white. They all look alike, including Blonde or light brown hair (including blonde highlights). They're extremely white yet they're this horrific fake-bake color in between a tangerine and wheat bread. Also, they walk around in packs, and often go shopping in packs. They always have boyfriends, and when they don't have boyfriends they're life is meaningless. They get by life by pouting their lips, pushing up their boobs, and twirling their blonde hair. They are Brooklyn's equivlent to a Valley Girl. They also love getting drunk and taking pictures of their drunken state and photos of them making out with other Ditzy Wendys. They almost always have a Myspace account.
"The girl's who go to that private catholic school are a buncha Ditzy Wendy's!"
by marykateolsen February 09, 2006

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