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424 definitions by martin peck

The Armenian way to say "Fuck you!"
Toun barab glir yes. Kounem kez! (Translation: You're an empty cock. Fuck you!)
by Martin Peck June 26, 2006
54 6
1) Trigonometry; 2) An acronym, the formula used in trigonometry classes so that students can remember trigonometric functions. It stands for: Sine=Opposite/Hypotenuse, Cosine=Adjacent/Hypotenuse, Tangent=Opposite/Adjacent.
Hey Ed, remember that equation Ms. Lubar gave you in class? Just remember sohcahtoa and you'll ace the test!
by Martin Peck November 30, 2005
62 17
Armenian words that literally mean "empty cock" but are used when talking about a despised, idiotic person.
Ayt tourk mardig barab glir e! Translation: That Turkish boy is a real fuckin' idiot!
by Martin Peck June 29, 2006
54 10
Describes landscapes so beautiful that they can't be described in words. Comes from the Adirondacks, a mountain range in upper New York State. Pronounced "a-dih-ron-DACK-you-ler".
Marty: Yo, Dean, get a look at this black spruce bog---it's adirondackular!!!
Dean: Yeah, dis is awesome man! It's like Yoda's planet!
Marty: Dean, you sure know how to pick the best boreal hikes!
by Martin Peck August 28, 2006
48 8
The Albanian word for "pussy" or "twat". Pronounced "DOOHTZ".
That Albanian girl is perfect: nice legs, tits, face, hair, ass and duc!
by Martin Peck March 09, 2008
102 65
Many Trains Absent, which is what the acronym MTA (New York) will stand for once they make their service cuts and raise the fare from $2 to $2.50 on buses and subways and from $5 to $7.50 on express buses in June 2009.
Get ready to be packed in sardines every day on the trains---the MTA is zawing us around again!
by Martin Peck November 21, 2008
47 12
An island to the south of mainland Greece that's full of superlatives: beautiful women; interesting costumes; one of the few areas of Greece where the dialects have "ch" and "sh" sounds,unlike pure Greek; and last but not least, very busy-for-the-feet folk dances like Pentozali and Maleviziotikos. Crete is the home of the unusual Minoan civilization, with its red building columns and frequent depictiona of minotaurs and dolphins.
I'm trying to learn the steps to this pentozali from Crete.
by Martin Peck January 28, 2009
36 2