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2 definitions by marshall409

a nickname used for people who enjoy the smell of their cock.
they may put their hands down their pants and then their nose very quickly in order to get a 'c-sniff'.

named after a hertfordshire boy who had such tendencies, colin.
carl - 'check out colin, dude. what's he doing?'
tom - 'nothing man, he's just doing a c-sniff.'
louis - 'he is the c-sniff.'
by marshall409 August 17, 2007
used as another word for buff.
derived from the more literal translation of to buff, or shine.

may be pronounced 'shine-ee' for extra emphasis.

invented by a brother and sister in hertfordshire because they didn't like using the term buff.
"oiii, check dat bwoy!"
"yeah, 'e is bare shiny!"

"d'you see sheila?"
"shiny, mate!"
by marshall409 August 15, 2007