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A MMORPG that some hate some love. It's one of the oldest mmorpg arround and it's getting more players everyday. Because it's so old and the graphics got only one real update it looks pretty crappy/old school therefor it's scares off alot of people. Also the first island is very boring. When you reach the mainland things get more interesting cause now you can use spells, kill bigger monsters and you can actually kill other players.

The game is free instead of alot of games that give you short trial periods or you have to buy in the store. For a monthly fee players can upgrade to a premium account, unlocking some additional game features and areas.

Players often train and level their characters or try their luck on finding rare items in beaten monsters. There are several quest in the game, some are still hidden and alot of players try to solve those quests.

The game is growing steadely, and has at the moment 50000 players online at the same time. With 54 server and 4 new servers coming every 2 months. The game is updated every half year, so it keeps interesting. Updates include new area's, monsters, items and what ever they can come up with.
1. Friend - Most people use their runes to hunt big monsters, you use them to heal from rats.

2. Friend - What are you going to hunt, rats?
Me - No, i gonna try out bugs today. ;)
by marky mark deux July 05, 2005

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