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7 definitions by markbaland

The female version of a manicorn.

A woman who is:
attractive, but not arrogant,
well maintained, but not high maintenance,
inexpensive, but not cheap,
passionate, but not slutty
sensitive, but not easily offended
more logical than emotional, but not uncaring
attentive, but not smothering
faithful, but not boring
etc... etc... etc...

Basically, a womanicorn is the perfect woman;
a myth that keeps some men looking for "the one".
Jill: "You just haven't found the right girl yet"
Jack: "He's not looking to settle down..."
Joe: "Well, only if I find a womanicorn!"
by markbaland October 04, 2008
To take the upper hand in a situation,
by forcing the other person to face the
consequences of your actions.

Another way of saying:

to win by making someone else the loser
to give someone the losing hand
to give someone the raw end of the deal
to give someone the short end of the stick
to give someone the runaround
to give someone the shortest straw
to give someone the shaft
to take someone to the bank
to take someone to the cleaners
to really take a bath on this one
to pull one over on someone
to kick a friend in the nuts
to get your back scratched but not scratch theirs
to bend someone over the barrel
to have someone's balls in a sling
to do someone from behind without a reach around
Two friends riding in a car in the dark
come upon a speed bump, and the driver,
with a bit of regret in his voice,
apologetically tells the passenger:

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to roll you over the bump on this one."

It can be used in any situation where one person
tells another that they are going to take the advantage,
and the other person is going to pay the penalty.
by markbaland October 03, 2009
A raunchgoob is a person who gets excited by raunch. A raunchgoob will giggle like a school girl and generally act silly when thinking, talking, reading, or hearing about kinky, dirty acts and situations.

Mark: What are Preston and Gary laughing about?
Gene: They just saw that commercial for a new day spa, and it's called "Golden Showers"...
Mark: Those guys are such raunchgoobs!
by markbaland February 26, 2009
A slidea (pronounced SL-idea) is an idea that a person just slides into, without really thinking about it.

It involves one or more of the many fallacies inherent in illogical thought.

Political and religious propaganda are the two most common methods of distribution for slideas.
Joe: I heard that after the new liberal administration is reworking taxes so that the richest people pay more and the poorest people get bigger breaks.

John: I read that after that, they are going to restructure society where we are all assigned jobs at random and have to stand in line for bread.

Jack: What gave you that slidea?

Mark: He got it from that angry conservative blog he's always reading!
by markbaland March 05, 2009
A con-serve-ative is Someone who is conned into serving a supposed representative who serves not their interests, but those of the corporations that employ them and market to them.

Anyone who votes Republican but is not old, rich, white AND a man is voting against their best interests, as the policies of that party are usually bad for the young, poor, minorities, and women.

A lot of lower and middle class laborers, mostly white and Christian, vote Republican because that party shares their racist, sexist, judgmental, war-mongering views. They fail to see that the Democrats look out more for the education, welfare, health care, environment, employment, and working conditions that affect them as much as they do their more liberal fellow Americans.

Republican voters are more likely to be con-serve-atives than Democratic voters because the Republicans do more than the Democrats in terms of deregulating industry to allow jobs to be taken from Americans to save money with third world slave labor, starting wars to invade and occupy countries to kill people for oil to support monopolies, and finding ways to make it legal for the rich to extract more from the poor with higher prices for goods and services for customers, and less jobs, lower wages, and less benefits for employees, all to allow executives, shareholders, and paid-off politicians to get richer faster every year.
Joe: Even though I make less than $50,000 a year as a plumber, and don't have a stock portfolio, I vote Republican, 'cause them fellers keep us safe from terrorists, keep them blacks from getting uppety, keep the women folk in line, protect the babies, save us from socialism, and don't waste money on silly things we don't need, like air, water, plants, animals, and health care for workers.

Dick: Joe, you're a con-serve-ative! Just because you think that someday your small business will become a profitable corporation doesn't mean that now, as a working man, you should vote for people who put profit above life.
by markbaland October 11, 2009
A connedcept is a concept that a person is conned into having.

When a person is given incorrect and/or partial information with the express intent of leading them to form a certain conclusion, that person comes up with a connedcept.
Joe: I heard that our new president is less racist and violent than our last one.

Jack: Yeah, and I noticed that he's dark skinned, and of foreign heritage and questionable religious affiliation...

Joe: I read that he wants to try to have peace talks with Iran and that the Islamic nation is glad he got elected. That guy must be a terrorist! I'd bet he's gonna sell out our country and make us all slaves!

Mark: You guys must have learned that connedcept by watching Fox News!
by markbaland March 05, 2009
A rapper who is short, possibly even a midget or dwarf.
Lil' Bit is a lower case g from the Lower East Side.
by markbaland November 30, 2009