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1. Complete and total rip-off
2. Preinstalled HP laptop virus
3. Spyware denied and designed to be so by manufacturer
4. Source of exhaustive frustration for HP users

Comes preinstalled in HP laptops. Try to uninstall it I dare you! You will end up with laptop mush. You will spend hours trying to fix your computer because it will try to reinstall itself after you thought you'd gotten rid of it. Funny, if it isn't a virus why does it act like one, huh HP? Hp has known for at least a year that this is a major problem. Their solution, ask you for $19.95 to fix it. Yes, they want YOU to pay to fix a virus that THEY put on your expensive equipment.
Even people who actually use it to download movies have problems. Don't bother fixing the laptop...return it and buy from another company.
1. The american people got vongoed by prewar intelligence.
2. Do you want to hate your laptop so much that you shove
it a against a wall so you can feel the release of seeing it break into a million pieces? Then, Vongo baby!
3. Vongo sucks like a baby (with all it's teeth) on a nipple after 3 days of hunger.
by marie milfort June 04, 2007

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