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awesome town..some people can be jappy but mostly they are nice!!!..the schools are great..the high schools get under 50 in the countries top school..woah..nice right??..ok we do have really nice batmitzvas but thats not our problem .. we are competitors but not in a mean way..yea SARAH HUGES..herd of her? yea thought soo..her sister tooo..EMILY HUGES..some people think that we are spoiled, but thats just because we can't help it. We just happen to have a lot of money. ok fine i will admit we are rich and we can be japs but there is a jap inside of everyone adn we are actually really nice when u get to know us....we can't help it its no crime wre just a good town in a good atmosphere,i love the water and i have my own boat b/c i am the richest one in great neck so everyone calls me the nicest...cause i am!!! Ok, so yeah were spoiled but if you really think about it, is that SUCHH a bad thing????..
since i live in great neck daddy buys me everything!!yayyy
by maria angeliono May 12, 2006

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