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"Emo sucks" is a statement of fact in the same sense as "oxygen is good for breathing." "Emo sucks" is now the modern version of "disco sucks," with the all-important distinction being that enjoying disco in the nostalgic, silly sense is fun, but emo will never be cool.
Teacher: "Class, can somebody give me an example of indisputable fact?"
Student: "Emo sucks!"
Teacher: "A Plus!"
by Marcus Solomon September 06, 2007
1.To speak the truth about emo with complete comprehension about emo's absolute worthlessness, unoriginality, and shallow nature. Ironically, emo bashing feeds into the emo self-pity spiral. While emo clones complain about being bashed upon, it fuels their all-important (false) sense of despair.

2. When an emo clone hits its head against the wall in the midst of a tantrum.
1. I am not emo bashing, I am just speaking the truth about stupidness of the emo trend.

2. Q: Why is that kid with the backward, crooked mullet hitting his head against the wall?
A: He is emo bashing himself because its part of his image.
by Marcus Solomon November 09, 2007
1. A slang synonym for "inline skates," which are also known by the brand name "Rollerblades." This term was coined by skateboarders frustrated by the mass influx of generally clueless, and unobservant inline skaters that always get in the way at skateparks. It is a perjorative term used for the purpose of insulting inline skaters as being homosexual.

2. High heel boots worn by a transvestite.
1. Those stupid dorks wearing fruit boots never look where they are going and always cause collisions at the skatepark.

2. The drag queen put on some fruit boots to go skating at the skatepark after taking off his/her thigh-high fruit boots.
by Marcus Solomon October 31, 2007
To wound the inside of one's mouth with the sharp points of a Dorito's brand chip or any other brand of mouth-shredding snack food.
Ow! I just did some Dorito damage to the roof of my mouth when the sharp point of the chip stabbed directly into the pizza-blister burn I got last night.
by Marcus Solomon April 23, 2008
1. A synonmyous variation of "emo sucks," which is an indisputable fact because emo is a false musical/fashion genre with absolutely nothing new to offer other than its own bland hodge-poge rip off of other, genuine musical subcultures, false negativity, and pride in looking like all other emo clones.

2. When one sad emo boy sucks the sad, limp penis of another emo clone.

3. A pathetic "girl punch" and/or "sissy slap" thrown at anyone in the vacinity of an emo clone whom is in the midst of a contrived tantrum.
1. I had a mystical vision, wherein the ultimate truth was revealed to me and inscribed in stone it said: "emo blows!"

2. I caught sad Sammy and homo Hank giving each other emo blows under the bleachers at the Sadie Hawkins dance.

3. That emo kid over there just unleased a flurry of emo blows and even though he connected, nobody felt a thing but amused pity.
by Marcus Solomon October 26, 2007
A reference to all emo kids in general. Being that emo is a false genre compiled from bits of other (valid) musical subcultures into a uniquely bland, and unoriginal composite, emo is "retarded," the combination of "emo" and "retard" becomes the redundant, but accurate slur.
All those emo kids who think they are being original by looking like each other and pretending to be so emotionally deep are really self-deluded emotards.
by Marcus Solomon November 06, 2007
A man's penis, specifically in the erect position.
My mantenna is detecting some estrogen in the area, so I should follow it to find the girl of my dreams.
by Marcus Solomon October 30, 2007

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