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2 definitions by marcston

to have a right old chinnwag, n a right good laff, just a right lads saying, can be used however u want it, its stricktly lads, u know blokes chaps n that fellas geezas, u know just general lads.

u can abreaviate it aswell to, chinns, grinns, chinnwag,
C n G's anyway u want really

its a chant aswell if u want.

its just a general urban treat.
'come on f't chinns n grinns f'tlads n that?'

'remember when gelly got his chode out f'tlads, that was Grinns that.'

'go on, will be just general chinnwags really.'

'Chinn n Grinns, Chinn n Grinns, Chinn n Grinns,' (ect)
by marcston June 01, 2007
Another Lads sayin.

This is a shortened 'eyyyyyy' its pronounced like 'e' asin the children alphabet, its not a capital letter,its low case. its not pronouced 'e dot' or 'E.' or written as a capital.

Although the dot is there, and it does have to be there, it is ignored.

Its in the 'chinns n grinns', 'chinnwag', 'eoc.' 'just general' 'f'tlads' and 'urban treat' series

But is infact an origional.
its sort of like an agreeing word, like if uve made a fair point, or a good joke, or if i cant fault u.

You sorta raise your hand at them aswell to show uve 'given em it'

its kind of respect, and its like to show u aknowledge them

N it sounds like ur gonna say eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, but u missed the y's off.

So its quick n snappy

u can also say it in an aqward situation, or if your stuck for words, e.

Oh yeah its strictly british, americans just wouldnt understand.
'ey up son' said dave
'now then' replied chinnyman
'you watch partridge last night?' asked dave
'e.' replied chinnyman

'open your planers, its science homework!' said mr atkisnon
'e.' Nello replied
by marcston January 02, 2008