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a street in which the title should be hooker ave. its a great place for tourist coming to LA who just want black hookers with bullet holes, cigarete burns and arm pit stains and also wanna gamble in the hollywood park casino and race track its basically for tourist that want a good ol cheap time! and if you drive fast enough this is all youll see!

inglewoodx13 $1 chinese laundry xxx liqour xxx liqour
director: who are we gonna get to play mother teresa?!

solution guy: well jus pass by pickin up one of those hose on century boulevard!
by marcos enemy of robins August 25, 2006
back in the 60s hoover bloods were called hoover duece becuz there main stay at was hoover and 62 and hoover has six letters they also called themselves 62 hoovers.
hoovers use to call themselves hoover dueces but they expanded so much more than 62 and hoover that they now just call themselves hoovers
by marcos enemy of robins August 25, 2006

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