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4 definitions by marcoose the caboose

1. (adj) good or cool

2. (adj) attractive
1. Those guys have a pretty sure handshake.

2. There are no sure girls in my class.
by marcoose the caboose September 28, 2011
1. (noun) the most beautiful and perfect type of female in the universe.

NOTE: in extreme cases an individual may be so captivated by asians that his/her perception of beauty is horribly distorted
1. i love asian girls, they are just so perfect.
by marcoose the caboose October 20, 2011
1. The female version of a blumpkin, wherein a female has her carpet munched while unloading a delightful dump
1. I was in the mood, but then she had to take a dump so I just gave her a munchkin.
by marcoose the caboose October 15, 2011
1. (noun) an asian male who is attempting to do an activity outside of his comfort zone that he also happens to be horrible at.

2. (noun) an asian male that is generally disliked by all

3. (noun) an asian male who ruins everyone else's fun
1. There was this George on the bike ride today and we had to go really slowly the whole time so he could keep up.

2. There's this kid in my class who always says the most annoying and pointless stuff, what a George.

3. We were all playing xbox last night when this fucking George came in and smashed the TV.
by marcoose the caboose October 01, 2011