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A totally hip guy sensitive to women's feelings, dress, (not even afraid to say "what a cute little purse" to her), decor, and spirituality. This man is tuned into the very core, nerve, and verve of women, noticing every detail about them, (but never in front of his woman) and loving it. He is a meticulous, fashion-conscience, fabulous dresser, and decorator himself, who appreciates all the femininity coming from every pore of womankind. He would never think of making love to a man, and knows exactly how to please a woman affectionately, sensually, verbally, and sexually! Ah my metro sexual man I love you!
A very with it man oh so sensitive to a woman's feminity, dress, and decor (as well as his own cool dress and decor)who is not gay.
by mar mouse March 29, 2004

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