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short for "homo." A gay person who is extremly annoying.
Brad can be such a stupid 'mo bag sometimes.
by Manny November 25, 2003
The bottom portion of the muffin. Often left as refuse due to its lack of taste.
Gurl, who left all these muffin stumps everywhere? Where are all the tops of these muffins?
by Manny November 25, 2003
a tommy who's always jaying.
My ballo, she's a Tommy J - Tommy's been jaying all this time
by Manny March 04, 2004
Talentless bunch of twats, anyone who thinks they are "good" should leave their house once in a while and stop being rude boys or most likely rude girls. they are fukin shit!!! listen to some decent music like biggie or tupac, not fukin blazin squad. all us "haterz" of blazing sqaud, big u all up, u actually know something about music, and not just some 7year olds who think that a bunch of wanna-be white boys are fit and hard. when it comes down to it, you all know that they a bunch of pussies, and have pussies themselves!!

also any rude boy wearing a puffer jacket with fur on the hood, and addidad tracksuit bottoms, hanging around the nearest pikey place in town, also known as blazin squads!
look at them blazing sqaud fukin twats drinkin from the same breezer bottle, cos they are 7years old, and been kicked out of school.
by Manny January 30, 2004
An undesirable or offensive person --similar to ass wipe but reserved for one who is even more offensive.
Kyle is such a fucking pussy wipe. I hope he gets hit by a truck
by Manny November 25, 2003
the bottom part of a muffin
Gurl, who left all these muffin stumps in the kitchen? Where are the tops too all of these muffins?
by Manny November 25, 2003
term for one who has to jack off with 1 finger because their dick is so small(Jason Sansouci)
Whats up Captain Hook.
by manny January 28, 2003
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