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A large smelling bowel movement taken by a Republican Birther.
Walking into the sinkey bathroom, the moderate Repulbican says to the Birther, "Whooooey, what the hell did you do in here.....it smells like you birthed a Trump.
by maninboulder April 09, 2011
More lame-brain than a nitwit, this is a supporter of Mitt Romney, who is so dull that he/she actually believes this insincere, say-anything-to-win GOP presidential candidate.
Q: Who could possilbly vote for Romney?
A: Only a Mittwit with shit-for-brains.
by maninboulder December 26, 2011
A very large smelly fart, the kind of which you would expect from a two-ton mammal, but actually coming from a human.
Hey dude, don't be cutting those hippo farts around me. You belong in a zoo.
by maninboulder November 03, 2005
To seripticiously place ones penis into the the glass or cocktail of another. This ancient tradition is thought to stem from the instincts of four-legged animals marketing their turf.
Returning his table in the tavern, he looking down and seeing a pubic hair on the rim of his glass, he angrily shout, "All right, who dicked my drink!?"
by maninboulder October 17, 2005
Not to be confused with "Post Pardum Depression" which is a serious medical condition requiring treatment, "Post Hardon Depression" generally passes on it's own. It occurs for a man, following sex when he is left with that feeling of ennui, so well expressed in the Peggy Lee song, "Is That All There Is?"
Seeing Farquar's long face, George asks, 'What happen...you look like your dog just died?' Farquar replies, 'No, nothing like that, I just had great sex with my girlfriend, but now have Post Hardon Depression.' George, replies, 'Oh man, I feel your pain.'
by maninboulder June 13, 2010
The bar-room practice of sticking ones cock in a person's drink, usually while the other person is not looking.
As soon as she got up to go to the ladies room, her date 'dicked her drink'. She returned and drank in down, none the wiser.
by maninboulder August 27, 2005
Another name man's penis, using a musical metaphor.
Referring to a sexy woman, "I'd let her play a tune of my reproductive organ any day."
by maninboulder October 04, 2005

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