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One who is always eating pills. One who will indiscriminately eat whatever pills are in the medicine cabinet or in your pocket. Usually the drug of choice for a pill goblin is anything that is habit forming.
Gosh that chick is such a pill goblin, she ate fifteen Valium, ten norco's, and a couple roxy's.

I feel as though you took the cake as the pill goblin for the night by eating 30 Adderall's, and your heart hasn't popped yet! Amazing.

Hide your shit here comes a pill goblin.
by manic cavy March 03, 2009
When a person looks at your significant other and the intent in the stare is sexual intimacy, oral, dirty thoughts.

Can also be used when one is staring you down in hopes of intimidation. synonymous with mad dogging.
Hey dude, why the hell are you eye ball fucking my chick. Should I leave the room so you can continue staring at my girlfriend.

After the football coach reprimanded the players and made them run a mile, a few of the players began glaring intently at him. In which the coach responded "If you guys keep eyeball fucking me, I will go to your house and donkey punch your mom. Thanks"
by manic cavy March 05, 2009
Pronunciation of the acronym Q.A.B. standing for Questionable At Best.

Can be used in many different scenes, such as a friends strange outfit, bad attitude, hair cut, crappy car, shitty girlfriend, etc.
Cavy- Hey look at my Halloween outfit. Isn't it sweet.

Frank- No, your costume is QAB. You look like a village person on crack.

Cavy- Does doing this tuck in make me look like a girl.

Frank- QAB, that's what it makes you look like, questionable at best retard.
by manic cavy July 24, 2010
A metropolitan area where a group of armenians gather to shop, hang out, eat, go to the movies, etc. Not a derogatory term, more a specific way to explain a heavily populated armenian downtown or metropolis.
Hey let's go hang out at the Burbank mall, it's quite an armopolis.
by manic cavy June 06, 2009
Happens usually at the beach and renaissance fairs where heavier set women wear tight tops and have spill over on the top and stomach areas. So not only a gut in front, but a fair share of maybe back fat is peaking through the top.
Frank - That chick should not be wearing that corset top. She is over 300 pounds.

Cavy - I know, she is definitely suffering from MLM: multi-level muffin top.
by manic cavy July 24, 2010

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