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2 definitions by manbearpig will kill you all

A jewish doliphin...duh. If one is lucky, you will be able to witness this beauty praying in the Seven Seas wearing his yamalka. And if you listen closely you may even hear him eeping portions of the torah.
Moshe is a jewfin whose friends are Shamu, the Muslim killer whale and Peter, the Christian fish. Together they are known as 'Fish of the Book'.
by manbearpig will kill you all April 20, 2008
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We all know and are fond of this delightful orange vegetable. However, what is not know is how it is correctly spelled. Back in the times of the Native Americans, they used to eat this veggi a lot. So, they decided to name it squoshex, with an o and an ex at the end. When the whites came, they misinterpreted the word and spelled it the way it sounded (since we're morons) as squash, with an a and no ex at the end. This was a dire mistake on our part and it must be changed if we ever want any Native American tongue preserved. The organization Squoshex Helps Indians To Survive (S.H.I.T.S) is planing to change our spelling of the word to...well...help Indians survive.
1. Boy do I love squoshex the vegetable.
2. Mom, can we have squoshex for dinner tonight?
3. My favorite thing starts with an s and ends with ex...squoshex!
by manbearpig will kill you all April 07, 2008
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