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1 definition by malcum ex

Muscular, handsome, sexy, well hung, large balls, Huntoons are very intelligent and god like. Many male Huntoons will fuck their co-workers wives and or girlfriends. All men wish they could be a Huntoon. Women want to suck the penis of a Huntoon even if it will mean destroying their marriage. A Huntoon can shoot semen 10 to 12 times in a day and the taste is much like a fine wine. Heterosexual men will often pretend to be gay just to taste the wang of a Huntoon.
Larry " "That Huntoon is so handsome and hung, I wonder If he would fuck my wife."
James "I think he would, he bangs my wife every other day and she loves it, but now her twat is so big she can't even feel my little pecker."
Larry "Well that's fine, my junk is so small my wife says it's like she is being fucked by a 12 year old asian boy."
by malcum ex February 26, 2012