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1. the act of shitty modern young women wearing ultra tight short shorts/skirts in an attempt to reveal their flesh at their legs and butt.also can refer to those who wear ultra low revealing tops,or worse,both
2. current animes depicting girls as such of the above,usually with a properly dressed male,making u wonder if they have differing body temperatures by just differing in gender.
any sensible guy:look at those cheebaecious sluts!they should be stoned to death!theyve no respect for their lives or identity at all
by making sense November 01, 2010
the horror of seeing a large majority of girls dressed in denim tights and miniskirts and/or revealing and flimsy tops,in a crowded and upmarket shopping belt.a torture for the eyes.
the scene at orchard road is truly cheebaehorror!!so many female youths revealing parts of themselves in all the wrong places!!one wonders what good education has done for this generation of females,and how tasteless the boys are to even go out with them,let alone date them.yucks!!never EVER go out with a girl less dressed than u,its an insult to u as a boy!!
by making sense July 01, 2011
the very fuck-slutty young women as described in 'cheebaecious'.usually spotted with ultra tight coverage lacking denim,making u wonder if those arent supposed to be swimming trunks or even diapers,giving the other nickname 'baby-freaks'.makes u wonder why boxer shorts are undergarments,since these are way way less.unnecessarily revealing tops also spottable on the ignorantly vain.
that new girl char in pokemon black n white's a real chao cheebae!i cant believe they bring this sorta trash into a cartoon intended for kids.of all the tainted anime,i wont ever expect pokemon to suffer this misery n outrage.ah well thats japs for u.most american cartoons dont even resort to such low taste.
by making sense January 20, 2011

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