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1. Cheap, 2nd rate, not good
2. Imitation
3. Copy

The Gobot toyline was based on figures produced in Japan. In 1983, Tonka decided to import the line into America after realizing Hasbro were doing the same with Transformers. Gobots were divided them into two factions – the good Guardians and evil Renegades (although early figures were simply described as ‘Friendly’ or ‘Enemy’ on the packaging). The figures were all given individual names, in contrast to the simple designations they received in Japan. The line sold well initially, but was overtaken by Transformers, Gobot figures had no character profiles on their packaging, Gobots were also largely considered by fans and the marketplace to be overly simplistic when compared to the more sophisticated Transformers line; whereas Transformers characters had iconic names (e.g., Megatron, Starscream, Optimus Prime) and multi-faceted transformation cycles (where the robot often didn't resemble the vehicle), Gobots characters had much more obvious names (e.g., Scooter who changed into a scooter, Tank who changed into a tank, Dozer who changed into a bulldozer, etc.) and simplified transformation cycles (e.g. Tank simply stood up to transform).
Hey is that the new Ipod
Ipod no its a Jpod

Jpod eww its gobots

A Cubic Zirconium is a Gobot diamond.

"Like, ohmygosh is that Louis Vuitton???"

"Nah, its Gobots, my mom got it for $5"
by makeuflex October 15, 2009

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