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2 definitions by makeeee

A secret society amongst friends, family or work colleagues, in which members may punch each other on the arm without warning. Injuries are common, and fatalities may have occurred but are usually covered up by other punch club members.

The first rule of Punch Club: You do not talk about Punch Club

The second rule of Punch Club : You do NOT talk about Punch Club
dude 1: Would you like to join my club?
dude 2: What club ?
dude1: Punch club
dude 2: What's Punch Club?.......OOOOOOUCH!!!! You DICK!!
by makeeee October 30, 2011
Crazy ass chick, usually resides on the isle of Lesbos. Clackeeees are difficult to contact on account of them being mildly reclusive. The arch enemy of a Clackee is a Makeeee. Try not to anger a Clackeeee they will usually respond with a "CBA!" or a "Well, fuck you then!"
Q:" Who's that chick with the other chick she's quite hot?"
A:"Ah, thats a Clackeeee, be careful dude, she knows about Punch Club"
by makeeee October 30, 2011