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The act of motorboating an ass from behind. While performing a Hourihan, the proper facial positioning is to have one's nose level with the balloon knot (or the chocolate starfish, rusty sheriff's badge or whatever you're working with). Once positioned, the giver should aggressively move his/her face from side to side. It's completely appropriate when delivering a Hourihan to a female to ring the buzzer or DATY.
Did you see the Hourihan he just pulled on the stripper? Let's just hope it's not possible to get crabs in your ball-tickler.
by magicshaq March 15, 2015
Fishbag (n) - multiple meanings
1) Filipina hooker cooch - titled due to the large number of objects held within it on any given night
2) Yesterday's fish special, reheated in storage bag and served to unsuspecting tourists who aren't likely to be repeat customers. Often served in the bag and cut open in front of guest in a ceremony known as the crowning
1) When Kyle hit the fishbag last night, I think he found another guy's car keys and a half smoked Cuban cigar inside
2) Kyle chose the fishbag special over both steak and pasta. He clearly misunderstood the waitress when she said she'd be scissoring on his plate
by magicshaq July 08, 2015
"First Date Anal" - (noun or verb)

This term is typically used to describe a first date between a man and a woman where the evening culminated with the man drilling the woman's ass. The term was initially coined by the Gilbert brothers in Las Vegas, circa 2008. Since then, the term has started becoming part of the Southern California vernacular with a loyal following of gentlemen trying to get their piece of the FDA pie.
See if you can get Amy to set you up with her former roommate, I hear that she's an FDA

You finally went out with Amy's friend? You lucky FDA'ing motherfucker!
by magicshaq October 10, 2012

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