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An alternate way of saying Sweet Dreams with a twist.
Good night, dream sweet!
by made beautiful February 01, 2013
An expression derived from the Bible; meaning, to love your enemies while resisting them non-violently.

It says, I will not seek revenge because I am stronger than that. I will not respond with shame because I have dignity in Jesus; and not in hurting you.

Turning the other cheek is a powerful response, as it may require a great deal of self-control, which is painful to do in some cases (see example).
I Turn the Other Cheek when my enemies attack or insult me, but now that they're masquerading as me, causing confusion, division, and strife amongst my friends... turning the other cheek has become painfully hard and I feel deeply saddened.
by made beautiful March 24, 2013
A truth begirt with fire. The more involved or the closer related you are to it, the more you will feel it, for better or worse.
The Blazing Truth took me by surprise and in the moment, I couldn't handle it, so I ran away.
by made beautiful March 26, 2013

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