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1. Noun. Any particularily puzzling event or object which prompts a puzzled scratch of the head.

2. Head scratch. Verb. Most common reaction when one spots a set of man boobs - especially when the man who is sporting the boobs is not exactly large or fat, and the occurance of the man boobs is puzzlesome, prompting the observer to scratch their head in curiosity

(Jeny scratches her head, looking puzzled)
"Jeny, why are you scratching your head?" asks Michelle.

"Well, look." (points toward a young man.) "He has man boobs... but he isnt fat." Jeny replies.

"Hmmm," ponders Michelle. "Thats a real Head Scratcher."
by mac n fode August 10, 2006
One can encounter a puffy triangle in several situations. Most commonly, when a woman is wearing a very short skirt, accompanied by too-tight panties, creating a puffy triangle appearance. This is easiest to spot while the short-skirt wearer is sitting, or on cheerleaders while perfoming.
Dude, check out that chick's puffy triangle, its massive.
by mac n fode August 09, 2006
Specimen left by the infamous "spooge-asaurus". Discovered by the unfortunate girl who hooked up with the spooge-asaurus. A crusty, white stain left on a bed sheet. Often a mortified girl will holler for a rooommate to confirm her worst suspicions, and immediately launder the soiled sheets.
"OMG Jeny is this what I think it is?"

(roommate proceeds to poke at the fossil with her toe)

"Yes, michelle, it is. Dave left a fossil. Damn spooge-asaurus"
by mac n fode August 09, 2006
Always male, this species is unable to control or hold his ejaculation until the appropriate time. Most commonly spotting on college campuses, while hooking up with an extremely hot girl who is, typically, way out of his league. The experience can be quite traumatizing for all parties involved, especially the woman who is usually not impressed at a)being prematurly spooged on, and b)having to wash her sheets immediately after the fact.
The spooge-asaurus left a fossil in michelle's bed!
by mac n fode August 09, 2006

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