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Is a sister much like an evil step sister
that you get pasella when you marry the idiot that you thought was the love of your life but is actually a lazy motherfucker who still needs his ass wiped by his mommy. Anyhow Sister-in-law is nother like a sister most of them are fat ugly bitches that should just die horrible painfull deaths. To narrow it down they are ugly bloodsucking wankers.
5 years ago:
Bianka: Hi my name is Bianka I love your brother.
Sister in law: You are not good enough for my brother he deserves to be with someone like Britney Spears.

Sister in-law: OMG my brother deserves better.
Bianka: o go fuck yourself ugly bitch I think he deserves Britney spears they are both useless fuckers that are soooo stupid and they both have smelly arm pitts.
by ma se tjops August 28, 2008
Piss gesig is an afrikaans word generaly used to descibe someone that is not very much liked,dumb, irritating and they smell funky
Translation in english Piss Face
Johan is a Piss gesig
Bush is the ultimate Piss Gesig.
Henry use to be a piss gesig now he is just a fat fuck that is to lazy to get an erection.
by ma se tjops August 28, 2008
Bromponie is the afrikaans word for motorbike. The thing with the two wheel and the seat is on the engen and when you drive it your balls vibrate and you get an erection.(that is why men love bikes)
Hey look there is Nina die bosmyt and Henry on there 50CC Bromponie.
by ma se tjops August 28, 2008
Is someone that has bushy long blond hair.
They are whores in training.
They eat only meat that they normally get for free.
They smell funny.

1. Hey look there is my stepsister Nina she is a real bos myt.
by ma se tjops August 27, 2008
big red truck
Wegrner: Ma what is that?

Ma: Wegrnegr that is a moegrse grooi tgrok, O'Hegre ma jy is stupid.
by ma se tjops August 27, 2008
Donner is an Afrikaans word that is the same as to hit but just more agressive.
Basie: Henry why did you hit my daughter.

Henry: because she is stupid you doos

Basie: Now I am going to donner you, you motherfucking fat bastard
by ma se tjops August 27, 2008
Is someone that is more that an asshole more like a shit head.

1.My manager Johan is an ninkanpoop!

2.Hey Bianka look there is Henry An Nina Die Bos myt they are real ninkanpoops.
by ma se tjops August 27, 2008

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