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11 definitions by m76mat

A virtual hotel where you walk around and talk to other people. Pretty fun if you have a lot of friends online. What sucks is that you can't buy any good furniture without having to spend real money.
Person 1 - Let's go on Habbo Hotel tonight.
Person 2 - Ok.
by M76mat July 22, 2011
A area in Pasco county, Florida. A little north of Tampa bay. The population is somewhere between 7,000 - 10,000.
Person 2 - I'm moving to shady hills florida soon
Person 1 - Really? No way, i live there!!
Person 2 - Awesome!
by m76mat December 01, 2010
A county in Florida. It is the county above Hillsborough county were Tampa is. The population is 462,715 and it is the 38th fastest growing county in the country.
Person : Pasco county is kinda like Hillsborough county's little brother.
Person 2 : I know right?
by M76mat January 22, 2011
Laugh out loud'd.
Person 1 - (Doing an all caps rage)
Person 2 - Lol'd.
by m76mat August 06, 2011