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Similar to a "red herring" a "warm towel" is a ruse to distract someones attention.

Etymology: From an environmental movement called Tidowave's events. It is recommended to members that a warm towel be brought - this implies, without stating, that Direct Action will be in effect at the event.
Margaret: "Did you find Randy or find out what happened to Teddy?"

Jamie: "Nah, it was a warm towel."
by m0r1arty December 12, 2007
A mark made upon the skin of one's abdominal region - Usually from pig fat but potentially from anything.
Yeah I was eating a bacon butty when a huge glob of grease fell of and landed on my stomach a gutstain appeared on my tummy thereafter.
by m0r1arty May 14, 2009
Shortened version of 'Outside of' which originated in Scotland as 'Ootwith'. Being a principle word of self-referential encoding it doesn't appear in any 'English' dictionary as it would no longer be 'Outwith' it anymore.
I'm sorry Madam, programming a neuromate robot to alter the 5HT3 update in the Dorsel Horn of the Hippocampus is outwith my knowledge as a plumber.
by m0r1arty August 20, 2009
Pertaining to the mechanics of blogging and how a few highly valued sources can spread propaganda far without scrutiny.
So Facebook's value rose exponentially immediately after going public? Sheer bloganism at play I reckon.
by m0r1arty March 05, 2012
A term of endearment which refers to people with mostly white and pink skin colouring.

Named loosely after the French nut and honey confectionery which was adapted by Barratts' into a wrapped sweet.

It's origins lie in the reclamation of pigment equality and the removal of white guilt for the injustices of the hegemonic elite of yesteryear.

It is a cultural badge of peace and only represents those without prejudice towards others skin tones.
A man sees a Caucasian man he is friends with and says "What's up my nougat?"

V Tags are all antonyms V
by m0r1arty June 22, 2011
The state of delirium one experiences after too much contact with pornography. Symptoms include imagining porn whilst blinking, hallucinating porn when the mind wanders and hearing moans and/or funk in the eind.
"My girlfriend was away last week as part of her work, jeez I've got the porn-fugue bad. I nearly boiled my eggs dry being distracted by Eugenia Diordiychuk"
by m0r1arty June 28, 2012
A past term verb indicating when something was jumped over. Used candidly now to refer to TV series, films and celebrities last finest moment. (Eytm - Jump The Shark circa 1995)
I think the TV show Enterprise jamp at the opening credits.

Cruise jamp when he dumped Kidman.

It's a shame the Fonz jamp that shark.
by m0r1arty June 09, 2006
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