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You are getting a hand job and a female begins to tug too hard, then goes on by indian rugburning your cock. Then you bring your dog in and he licks your nutties/gooch and you finish...then steal the dog.
Dude i got clifford the big red donged last night, my dick hurt so much but i got a new poodle.
by m mcdaddy April 12, 2007
You are at a local hot spot and see a fine bitch. You go up to her and mack on her. She is enlightened with you and gives you her screen name<-fuck that, you leave and add her to your buddy list then video chat with her and she gives you a striptease and is completely naked you cumshot over the video and fart very loudly and tell her to eat a cunt and give a number not a screen name.
This BiTCH gave me her screen name so i Mack Cumpootered her and it stunk up the WHOLE room.
by m mcdaddy April 12, 2007

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