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What causes the stupid generalizations of furries. It involves furries fucking each other or people with animal parts fucking each other. Now this shit is probably some of the most disturbing forms of hentai ever created, but not all furries like it or jack off to it. But the few who do they just tend to keep it to themselves.
I would never in my whole life look at furry hentai.
by Lupine Shawn April 19, 2005
A sick perverted act that all who commit should die. Furries do not do this, they like anthro characters. Also see pedophile, pervert, and rapist
If I see any one comitting beastality I will kill them.
by Lupine Shawn January 31, 2005
Art that involves half human half animal characters. Also called anthros. Furries draw it and a lot is pornographic which is called yiff. It would be good if they stopped drawing these creepy pornographic drawings so us normal people can enjoy it instead of puking at it.
Whatever you do do not type out furry on google. Trust me your puke bucket will overflow
by Lupine Shawn April 27, 2005
I am an otherkin and the definitions of us are insulting me. First of all we don't think were the animal we think we are a reincarnation or was once living as the animal in a past life.Second of all I have a reason to hate humans for what they did to wolves see many wolves in america. no you dont. thats cause the american goverment killed most of them off cause they were ignorant pricks and THOUGHT they killed livestock.Lets see did they kill livestock? RARLEY. Third of all we are humans in this life so we must use this human power to make other species of animals lives' better. Otherkin being born as humans is not a mistake but a task to teach others that human life is not the most significant form of life. And this message is to otherkin who think of themselves as dragons, elves, gods, ect. that is not useful on planet earth so find a realistic reason for your thoughts like i did and stick to it. Only then will you not be a human in you next life.
The otherkin are put on this planet for a reason see.
by Lupine Shawn February 06, 2005
PEOPLE (just calling them human will insult them) who are aroused by being an animal. They draw themselves as animals and role play. The also hang out at werelist to flame mundane folk like myself. Some of them dress in fursuits and some of them even have sex in the suits. Talk about perverted. Some are bad and some are good but you just cant generalize them as perverts. Some people I know are furries and they dont talk about yiff or being an animal all of the time.
Furries are not perverts it is just a fetish they have, BUT LETS MAKE FUN OF THEM ANYWAY CAUSE I HATE THEM AND THEY ARE WIERD.
by Lupine Shawn March 21, 2005

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