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A small town in south jersey with a population of about 5000 to 8000. Known for kids extremely good at sports and guys that have really big dicks. kids here go to haddon heights high school and are really fast.
Damien: yo is that kid from barrington cause he's really good at sports and really fast too.

Jane: yeah he is. you should see his dick too.
#barrington #bitches #b-town #god town #small town
by luke from hood June 20, 2009
a filthy little mexican girl who can't get a guy for her life. she trys to steal your boyfriend and have sex with him and every other guy who passes bye her. she stuffs her bra so much that her boobs are over her head.
austin: that filthy jasmine girl said she wants to have sex with me. how gross is that?

tim: ew. she's so gross.
#filthy #mexican #little #girl #stuffs
by luke from hood June 21, 2009
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