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1 definition by luke daniel

slang for robitussin when using it recreationally in large doses... makes you trip baddd. also called skittles. some people think its similar to acid. can cause closed and open eyed visuals.. and when your on it u have the weirdest thoughts youve ever had. its terrible if you take to much but if u take just the right amount it awesome. its also really fun to smoke weed wen ur on. it last for about 3-6 hours and then many people experience a hangover from hell. contains the chemical dextromethorphan hydrobromide or DXM for short. some people get nausea or start to itch.. overall if u have a good trip its amazingg. oh and the good thing about it is its not on drug tests.
damn dude last night i took 25 robos then smoked some dro and thought i was on a trip were i was never comin back.

the other night michael took 50 robos and laid on his bed thinkin it was a continent and his walls were other continents that he was tryin to take over... he was tripppinnn.
by luke daniel August 31, 2007
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