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a girl that sleeps/kisses/messes around with men that have girlfriends who are her friends
That scandelous hoe only hung out with me so that she could fuck Andres.
by lucy in the sky with gems January 21, 2007
A vegetarian that gains weight because they only eat veggie pizza, pasta, or other such fatty carbs.
"I have to stop eating veggie pizza! Ive turned into such a fatgetarian!"
by lucy in the sky with gems August 10, 2007
the new word that will replace "liberty" and all of its forms, i.e. liberate, etc. this is based on a theory that if the very meaning of the word speaks of freedom the why the fuck must the word be only spelled or used as the current meaning. this is based even further on a theory that is of the deconstruction of language and hence life
"its time for the liberization from this slave-ish work of everyday, numbing capitalism, television ruling the nation, indiference other people, me me me, so sye eee T (socie T)"

"it is embarrasing that we still read and teach 1984 while in fact we are living at the end of the book, when the system beats Winston and he gives in."
by lucy in the sky with gems February 17, 2009
a girl who uses crack and/or cocaine to lose weight
Did you see that crackcocaine?? Damnn she's doped and skeletal. She used to be a fat-ass!
by lucy in the sky with gems January 21, 2007

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