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A book in the bible depicting an elderly man having his "package" ripped off by a pack of ravenous poodles
Timmy Green was very concerned when his bible teacher decided to read a passage from "Mother Gooch & Her 10 Fucklings" to the class instead of the assigned passage from Neuteronomy
by lucious1 345 February 06, 2008
A douche muffin; in simpler terms, for those who are brain fucks, it is a person who has the traits of both a douche bag and a squirrel muffin. Can also refer to any pictures of stick people participating in a gay orgy while toothless pirate whores drink a beaker of their own vomit, diarhea, vagina juice, and old contact lenses; also depicted, usually behind the whores are two fat warthogs having doggy sex while being simultaniously lit on fire by a giant talking penis
Big Bird, who is a very sick fucker, often draws kids he meets as the stick figured in his schit; thus he is a big schit
by lucious1 345 February 06, 2008

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