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1 definition by lpc; godd

country music cant even be called music. its noise. all of the singers, if you can even call them singers, sound the same and are horrible. its whiny crap. its all about the same topics.. its pointless to society. its music that stupid rednecks and cowboys listen to. it is the lowest form of music possible.

redneck: this is a great song y'all!
rocker: lemme hear *puts on headphones*
redneck: y'all like it?
rocker: omfg! what is this shit? I think my ears are bleeding!
redneck: what y'all talkin bout?! this is amazin. countrys all i listen to.
rocker: its not even music. its noise.

country music= shit!!!
by lpc; godd August 13, 2007
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