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the official hardman who is hard and wears no bag... meaning he is hard
brookstar: yo yo look at me i got no bag
coop: me too
brookstar: *bangs coop* no...
coop: *shits pants on way to nurses office*
nurse: u have a serious contagious bowel problem
kiddies: oh no *runs away*
by loz spencer December 14, 2004
coop whilst laughing at Dimebag Darrels death. coop is an ass!
jon: dimebag's dead
coop: ha ha ha
brookstar: coop u iz gonna get banged!
loz: Coop you is a fool! Coop has no willy!
*whole class cracks up*
Coop: *shits pants for sixth time*
by loz spencer December 14, 2004

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