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2 definitions by loveandgratitude108

A car that goes around helping people all over town. Okiyome is an art of helping people through offering positive light energy to them. But any kind of helping others through the use of a car that drives all over the place to be of service to others counts.
I went to Jane Smith's house today to help her out and then I picked up groceries for my sick friend and took her visiting niece around town in my okiyomimobile before taking her to the airport.
by loveandgratitude108 April 21, 2009
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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Repair. To respect the earth and the materials that we have been given it is imperative that we reduce our use of materials, re-use them whenever possible, and recycle what we cannot re-use or repair. The 4th "R" is a recent addition to the other three but is a very important part of a "green" lifestyle which aims to treat all materials with respect.
The other day I decided to practice the 4Rs like I learned from my course at Sukyo Mahikari and de-clutter my closet. I found a sweater I forgot I had that I can use with my skirt so I don't have to buy a new sweater now. I took an old shoe box from the closet and instead of throwing it away I put old photographs in it. The paper inside the shoe box I recycled and the old shoes I took to the shoemaker to repair. I feel very happy that I have contributed to helping the environment!
by loveandgratitude108 April 24, 2009
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