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Members of a Greek organization on a college campus. These girls are NOT high maintenance brats using up daddy's money. On the contrary, they are intelligent young women looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They take pride in helping the community and find it unfortunate that the media has played them out to be party girls. They don't "buy their friends," they find a home away from home full of wonderful people. A sorority girl will do anything for her sisters, and if a sister is having issues, the other girls will always >have her back<.

And the boys aren't "frat boys." They are members of a fraternity, just as proud as sorority girls.
Man, the Greek kids have the top grades on campus! Those sorority girls can have fun AND kick ass in academics!

- I heard sororities are all about hazing and drinking.
- You heard wrong; sorority girls don't hurt their sisters.

- The sorority girls always go places together, they're so closely bonded!
by love&AOE - alpha phi November 04, 2010

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