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A Vicky is a person of great intelligence. They are compassionate in everything they do. They have the ability to bring many positive things to a relationship. They enjoy Politics, Wine, Fine Food, Swimming, Travel, Padres, Beaches, Academic Discourse, Steam Rooms, Romance Languages, Van Gogh, Chanel, Live Music, Pearls, Scrabble, Paris, and Golf; among many other life empowering things. A Vicky is so sweet you will fall in love with one at first sight and even more so as they tangle your mind with so many positive adventures. Although only 4’11” a Vicky is a giant that inspires and challenge those closest to them to become wonderful. A Vicky is not perfect, but one is well worth investing your heart and soul into. The only down fall to a Vicky is that they tend to stay in relationships longer than they should. They put up with things that are not healthy. A strong woman of mind yet week with the heart. A Vicky always wears their heart on their sleeve. One needs to take a break and focus on self development before reinvesting into another relationship. To sum up a Vicky the balance is more positive than negative. If you ever have the chance to meet a Vicky don’t hesitate. Eventually Vicky will figure it out and make a huge difference in the world. Love a Vicky today!
Vicky is a 4'11" firecracker ready to soar through the sky and expand bringing happiness to a large audience. Meaning the world!
by lost native April 08, 2010

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