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it has nothing to do with penis's or lips or doodie, it is simply a dirty mexican.
Dude, Paco is one dirty sanchez. you know, the nigga that mows your lawn.
by lord farkwad May 02, 2008
(noun) The old men who walk around public locker rooms in the nude with their saggy ball sacks all over. Plural form: Saggies
Pool Goer 1: yo did you see that saggy? His sack was dragging on the floor.

Pool Goer 2: yeah yo this steam room is like a breeding ground for saggies.
by lord farkwad May 01, 2008
Acronym for Dont Let Me Down
Dont let me down
dont let me down again

-311, DLMD
by lord farkwad April 29, 2008
A girl who has a bangin body, but a fucking ugly ass face. Also know as a butterface.
Santa Clause: uh oh yo, jabbawakee alert.

Easter Bunny: ew yo, i'd pipe with a paper bag over her head.

Jesus: Tits
by lord farkwad May 01, 2008
Pipe While Intoxicated. to have sex with a girl while intoxicated via alcohol.
nigga #1: yo would you fuck that girl over there?

nigga #2: hell no negro, but i'd P.W.I.

nigga #1: haha helllll yeahhhh
by lord farkwad April 18, 2008
a mash-potatoe type mixture of cum and poo......mad gross
When i pulled my dick outta her ass it was covered in hot coo.
by Lord farkwad April 21, 2008

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