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Highly Disillusioned/pathetic-full-of-shit-lazy-good-for-squat individual who makes up stories in attempt to impress people (due to his small and inferior penis and grotesque appearance). Mentally and emotionally unstable attetion seeker who is regarded by all his peers as being a joke/pathetic. Likes to tell individuals (esp. girls) about his personal problems so that they will feel pity for him (of which he thrives/wanks off). A term which can be used to describe inidividuals who think they are good-looking or likeable when infact they are widely regarded as being akin to a black baboons ass. Moreover and individual in which people laugh at not with them.
Girl: OMG that ranjit is such a loser, did u see how he flashed his microspcopic penis at everyone and told people about how he fought 6 people at the same time with a broken arm, leg, necjk and penis? What is he like a spartan? What's he looks like?

Girl 2: LOL! nah he always makes up storeis to impress people but he doesn't know everyone actually laughs at him. He kinda looks like a cross between freddy krueger and a baboons ass.....Btw don't talk to him otherwise he'll become obsessed with you and tell yo uhis (made up) life story, also and he'll tell everyone you slept with him.....just nod and laugh, you'll be ok.
by lookdonttouch9999 April 23, 2010
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